Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Problematic Bride

My favorite bride right now is a bit of a problem. She's amazingly beautiful and extremely brilliant, but she's a little bossy sometimes. And, she's always trying to convince people that she's younger than me. But the biggest reason why she's such a problem, is because she's moving 14 hours away, in just 2 days.

My big sis and I have always been close, but over these last four years, it's been wonderful to have her in the same town. I've gotten so spoiled by our frequent drop ins and weekly dinners. She's getting married in April, and I know I don't need to tell you who her wedding planner is. She and her fiance as so cute. They're very excited about their big day coming this Spring, and I'm so happy for them.

We flew down to New Orleans for a wedding planning weekend a few weeks ago.
When the stewardess asked us if we were headed down for "Work or play?", I said "Work!" while my sis simultaneously replied, "Play!" And, even though I worked them hard, with back to back appointments throughout the weekend, we had a ton of fun!

A side street in the beautiful French Quarter

Taking a break at Pat O'Brien's.

I had contacted their band to see if they'd be playing anywhere while we were in the area, and it just so happened that they were doing a second line in Jackson Square on Saturday afternoon. Of course, I fit it into the itinerary. It was so fun to get a tiny sneak peek at a traditional New Orleans wedding.

My favorite French Quarter treat at the wonderful Cafe Du Monde.

Jackson Square at sunset

I adore helping others plan their weddings. Big or small, near or far...I absolutely love it. This N'awlins wedding is going to be the perfect representation who this sweet couple is. It's going to be completely fabulous!

Now, if I could just move the state of Louisiana about 13 hours closer, we'd be good. Oh well. I'm off to get some waterproof mascara!


  1. I think of this with my own children as they get married and may move. My oldest son & his fiancée are getting married in July. They are open to missions . . . a country away! So, I am treasuring the time, as I am sure you will too!

  2. Your sister is blessed to have such a devoted wedding planner.

  3. Lovely photos! Sounds like an exciting time with your sister. blessings..Trish

  4. How fun! What a wonderful way to plan a wedding.

  5. I would love to do what you do for a living. I wouldn't be very good at it probably, but I would still love it.

    To do it for your sister would be the ultimate pleasure.

    And New Orleans weddings look fun!

  6. what a beautiful blog you have! and you are a wedding planner...that just seems like the coolest job! i bet it's so fun...i would love to do what you do for a living too...
    i would love to visit new orleans someday. such a rich historical city it seems. i got a big sis too, and mine too is bossy, and brilliant.

  7. there is such warmth, such love in this post. i love the photos. you and your sister are gorgeous... i would love to spend a day with the two of you :) thanks so much for linking. xo

  8. oh Cafe du Monde beignets!!!!!!! I've only been to New Orleans once, but was there for a week. We went there every single day. It's so lovely how you and your sister are enjoying this season together.

  9. awww, you know what? the same thing happened to me when my sister moved from our hometown in Illinois all the way to georgia! I was so so sad to see her go...then a couple years later, my husband and I moved all the way to colorado! We are far apart in miles but so so close in heart. What a fun time for you both!

  10. This is pure radiant joy.

    I can't wait to spend some time here , catching up, being grateful for such deeply beautiful people in my life.

    thank you , Melissa.

    love to you, sweet , caring, and loving, Melissa.