Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Weddings...A Beautiful Thing

This time last year, I was reveling in the beauty of a winter wedding that had just finished up. It was in Winston Salem, and was so fun to design with it being so close to Christmas. This couple had many ties to the area, and were actually having the ceremony on the campus of Wake Forest University. It was romantic, charming and beautiful.

One tip I would give for winter weddings...still go outside for pictures. Even though my sweet little bride was freezing, these pictures were absolutely gorgeous. She was a good'd never know it was below freezing. It was only for a few minutes, and oh so worth it!

I think one of my favorite things about being a wedding planner, is seeing how the couple grows through the process of the engagement. When I first met with the bride, she assured me that there would be no dancing. You can imagine my joy when they took the floor, and dazzled everyone with what they had been practicing. They're so cute.

Megan Alexander Photography did an absolutely amazing job with this wedding. They captured so much on this day, and this was just a snippet of all the joy that was had.

There will be many new engagements over the next few weeks, and little boxes that are opened with squeals and tears on that magical day in December. It brings me so much joy to assist couples and their families in this time in their lives. They truly become part of my life, and I, in turn, become a part of theirs. I was so happy when I got my Christmas card from the mother and father of the bride of this wedding. It was a reminder of how special these times are, and how much is shared in those months leading up to a wedding. It is a glorious time... and one in which I love to celebrate.

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