Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Natural Beauty

We have things all around us that can be used for more than what we first think of for their purpose. Take the pine cone, for example. Something so simple, so natural, and even...FREE (if you're willing to go on a nature walk). A few years ago, I gathered several and spray painted them gold. They have held several new purposes for me since then...

A place embellishment

An easy centerpiece

On a garland

A decor accent

An ornament

Or even as a gift topper...sorry no picture of that, because I haven't wrapped any gifts yet!

These little beauties are perfect for lots of reasons, but I especially love them for decor at this time of year. It's easy to miss the things that are sometimes right under your nose. Instead of throwing out all those pine cones, reuse them, and give them a whole new life!

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  1. I agree with you, pine cones are a natural way to go to decorate. You have come up with some great ideas.

  2. Lovely ideas Melissa! I love pine cones too :-) This is a perfect time to get them all out and enjoy the connection with nature! We go fossicking for them in the parks and just enjoy them so much. They certainly add a beautiful Christmas atmosphere to a room:-) Have a wonderful Christmas. Joy in Christ..Trish

  3. We have an abundance of pine cones in my neck of the woods. I love their natural beauty and use them often. Yours are beautiful. You can also use them as a place-card holder at dinner parties. The name card slips right into one of the grooves. A great simple pleasures post, as always.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!