Monday, December 27, 2010

Instructions for a Successful Snow Day

We don't get snowed in here very often, so when we do, we have to make good use of our snow days. For all you mid-west and northerners, don't laugh at our little 5 in. snow day. We really were stuck! lol. Here are my instructions on a truly successful snow day.

1. Sleep in. As late as the munchkins who live in your house and come and sleep in your bed will let you.

2. Make plenty of coffee.

3. Stay in pjs as long as possible.

4. While drinking your coffee (or tea) look out at all the snow. It's a gift indeed to see it sparkling in the sun.

5. When the munchkins come running in and break your peaceful train of thought, instead of getting grumpy, suggest going out to play in the snow.

6. Put on a big pot of soup and let it cook while you go out to play.

7. MAKE the kids go to the potty before getting suited up...even if they promise they don't have to go right then.

8. Agree to building the "biggest snow man on the block!"

9. Encourage the munchkins that it's still the best snow girl on the block, even if it's only 3 feet tall.

10. Have a snowball fight...especially fun if you have one with your hubby.

11. Come in and eat some yummy hot soup and grilled cheese for lunch.

12. Do dishes later.

13. Watch a family movie by the fire.

14. Make hot chocolate and popcorn for a special movie snack.

15. Take a nap.

16. Make dinner whenever...and eat leftovers if at all possible.

17. Put the kids in bed by 8 so that you and hubby can have a stay-in date night.

18. Drink eggnog and snuggle while you watch a favorite movie.

19. Eat some more Christmas cookies. After all, they have to be eaten before they go bad.

20. Enjoy having a day of rest!

Meet Fresca, our artsy Snow Girl.

After being "forced" to take the day after Christmas off, I think it will be annual tradition. It felt so great to be able to just rest and relax after all the festivities of Christmas day.

Have you been celebrating lately? I'd love to hear about it! Linking up with others today at Multitude on Mondays.

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  1. Isn't it great? We do some of those same things when it snows which as you know is a rare occurance around these parts. We're eating leftover soup tonight. Love it.