Friday, December 17, 2010

What's in a Name?

There are so many times that a ordinary happening becomes a celebration, simply because of a title. Life doesn't give us a lot of extra time, I try to find ways to squeeze a little more celebration into the things we're doing already.

The first time it felt really cold this Fall, I made hot chocolate. But this was no ordinary hot chocolate. This was the "First Hot Chocolate of the Season!" After that it definitely felt more like an official celebration.

Or, sometimes in the afternoon, when my kids are hungry for a snack, if I title our snack as a "Tea Party" it just suddenly comes to life. It doesn't have to be big and fabulous...but then again, maybe it just is.

They especially love it when they can pick whatever they want (even if that means bologna and pretzles with sprinkles).

You can apparently never have too many toothpicks.

When we don't have time to go into eat at a fast food restaurant, I'll announce that we're going to have a "Car Picnic"! Then, suddenly, it's another fun thing to do. You'll be surprised at all that can become a celebration...simply because of a name.

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