Sunday, February 20, 2011

Speaking of Birthdays...

It was unintentional, but fitting that I chose to do the birthday posts in the month of February. Both my sweet husband and my little girl's birthdays are in February. Two people who celebrate in completely different ways.

My hubby really likes to tone down his birthday. He'd just assume it go by without anyone noticing, however, you can imagine how that goes over in this household. I do try to respect his wishes, and try to never make a "big thing" about it. Though, it was fun to celebrate him in little ways this past weekend.

The kids worked hard on a masterpiece in the driveway...

(tongues hanging out is a sure sign of concentration around here)

We let him sleep in on Saturday while we set up a few of his favorite things.

We enjoyed his favorite chili with a couple of friends while we yelled at and cheered for our favorite team. And, thankfully, the Tarheels pulled out a win for us.

It was pretty enough to even kick around the soccer ball for a bit.

Then, we all had a fun surprise peeking out from the leaves.

It is a gift indeed to see a bit of Spring on the rise. A breath of fresh air for my soul for sure. I hope your weekend was full of celebration, and that joy was found amongst the little things in life.


  1. What a sweet way to celebrate your husband's birthday. We have four in February: my mother-in-law, my mama, my daughter and my youngest son, all within two weeks of each other. It's a good month!

  2. Happy Birthday Randy! Sad we missed out on the game and chili, but know we are thankful for your life! And I guess I am glad the Tarheels pulled off a victory. ;)