Friday, May 27, 2011

The Sweetest Sip and See

A couple weekends ago, I helped with a Sip & See. We had such a sweet time. With this pretty little baby girl being the third in her family, it was fun to have a shower that she could attend!

Originally, we were going to have the party in the garden, but with the rain approaching, we knew we had to find another option. Instead of going inside, I suggested we enjoy the wrap around porch for our festivities. It was such a hit!

party entrance

We loved being out there, despite the spring rain pouring down. We stayed dry, and still enjoyed the outdoor atmosphere...not to mention the absolutely adorable front porch!

a pretty setting with potted mint in tea cups for favors

baby's first bouquet
that each guest brought a flower for

refreshing limeade with sprigs of mint

yummy treats for our tea time

If you have a shower or party coming up, why not set it up on your porch?! It gives a definite Southern Living feel to any occasion.

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  1. You always create such a beautiful setting for lovely events. I guess that's why you do what you do, huh?

  2. What a beautiful porch! I would love a porch...but I'll not covet yours! =)

    I love reading about your tea! You did an amazing job with decor, deserts and I can imagine it was a beautiful time!

  3. That is simply lovely. I echo AMKReations: I would love a porch...but I'll not covet yours. : ) The careful touches you put on everything made it so beautiful, and I'm sure the mother and baby both felt so special!

  4. AAAAAaaahhhhhh - can I come just sit and relax? I love the idea of each guest bringing one flower for the honoree's bouquet! and loving the fabric banner......


  5. that limemade looks so so good.. beautiful setting! hugs I am participating this week at Studio JRU too.. so fun and happy friday to you! xo hugs fr fargo bonitarose

  6. Such a beautiful setting and wonderful party. I like the idea of everyone bringing a flower for the baby. So sweet.

  7. A sip and see... I had never heard of that. How sweet! And what a beautiful area to have it. I love the banner across the porch! Thank you for sharing! :)

  8. Any event on that front porch would be lovely...even an afternoon nap ;) Something about sitting in a rocker and just enjoying an afternoon "doin notin" (except for sippin' some sweet tea ;) is so darn appealing. If I had that porch and that view, I don't think I'd ever get anything being on a permanent Have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  9. Thanks, ladies, for all the kind words...but, I wish that was my front porch! It was the hostess' house...and yes, it's an amazing porch!

  10. I have only read about these; this is such a lovely tradition.