Monday, May 2, 2011

Yes, Yard Saleing is a Verb

Saturday, I woke up and after making coffee and showering, the kids and I headed out on an early morning hunt. If you've known me for a while, you know I was very excited, because I hadn't gone yard saleing for at least a year...maybe more. It was definitely time! My kids both had $5 to use from their own money, and they were possibly as excited as I was...possibly being the key word.

We started, and kept our eyes open for signs like this one.

The first yard sale we stopped at, the host was selling a big bag of Littlest Pet Shop animals. My little girl was so excited, until we saw the price tag on the bag. It was going for the low price of $20...sense the sarcasm. She said she would come down to $10, but no lower. You can imagine my response. My daughter, full of hope, pleaded for me to ask if she would take $5 for the bag, because that was how much she had to spend. We were turned down, and she was left utterly disappointed. I tried to reassure her that she had plenty of Littlest Pet Shops of her own, and that she may find something even better. It didn't help...

...until we came to the next yard sale.

We quick asked how much this well known doll was, and weren't surprised to hear "$10". My little girl mustered up the courage to hope, and we asked the older girls if they would take $5 for Samantha. They were overjoyed to come down on their price for a little girl with that look of eager anticipation in her eyes. Then, they went inside, and even found an outfit "included in the price".

Samantha was the American girl doll that I had as a little girl. She's been my favorite ever since, even though you can't buy her anymore. My daughter has asked me time and time again, why I didn't have it anymore, and how she wished that she could have had her. I did too.

It never ceases to amaze me, how surprised you can be with what you are given in life. You might not expect it to come the way that it does, and most of the time there is heartache involved in the process, but still, the blessings do come. At the right time. In the right way.

I loved sharing that moment with my little girl. To be able to see the joy that filled her face when she realized what she had held out for. Truth be told, I would have bought her that doll even if it had been $30, but to see the way the Father worked it out for her was such a sweet surprise...for both of us.

After returning home and putting stuff away, I began thinking how we needed to purge some of our own things. A few years ago, I happened upon wonderful preschool toys, games, and books that were perfect for my kids. However, given they're both a few years older, it's time to pass these treasures along to others ready to enjoy them.

All this to say, we've decided to have a yard sale this coming Saturday!

There will be a lot of goodies...including delicious lemonade that will be sold for only .50 a cup (it was going to be $6.00 a cup, until I explained the supply and demand rule to my daughter). If you're local, come by! We'll have lots of mis-matched furniture, monogrammed bags, cute clothes and shoes, polly pockets and preschool books. Email me if you're not a killer and I'll give you the address (after a very intensive screening process).

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  1. Ah, I wish I lived closer. Such a sweet story. They don't sell Samantha anymore? My daughter (I) stored her Samantha and Felicity AG dolls and all their accessories. I can't wait to see Nora's face when she's old enough to inherit them. Happy Yard Saleing!

  2. What a fun surprise! Hope the yard sale goes smoothly.

  3. ...and linens and kitchen goods ;)

  4. Love that story! Hope the sale goes well!

  5. Haven't had a yard sale for probably 20 yrs., but participating in neighborhood yard sale on 5/14..can't wait:)

  6. that sounds like fun! i really need to take my kids with me more often. i use yard sale day as me time. but someday i'll bring them and let them experience the thrill of a good deal.