Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If You Give Melissa A Minute

(with apologies to Laura Numeroff)

If you give Melissa a minute,

She'll want to go outside.

When she's outside, she'll probably see something she likes.

She'll think it's beautiful,

So she'll start to look for more.

When she finds more,

She'll want an even bigger piece of it.

Then, she'll want to bring it inside to decorate with it.

When she brings it inside,

She'll try to find a place to put it.

She'll see her mantle,

And she'll remember how she's been wanting to re-design it anyway.

When she takes everything off her mantle,

She'll remember some old windows she has.

So she'll bring them out, and dust them off.

While she's cleaning them,

She'll remember that she's wanted to hang more of the kids artwork.

So she'll go and find the artwork.

And hang them in the windows.

She'll decide that she really wants the artwork in her breakfast nook.

When she goes into the breakfast nook,

She'll see the tobacco basket she's been wanting to place.

So she'll go get the tobacco basket from the nook.

She'll use it to cover the fireplace.

Then, she'll remember about the mantle.

She'll go get another window.

And when she's cleaned it off,

She'll set it on the mantle.

But, she'll want some flowers to go beside it.

She'll have to go outside to get the flowers.

And when she's outside, she'll remember the bark that she found.

She'll want to put it up on the mantle.

And chances are,

When she puts the branch on the mantle,

She'll want another piece of bark to go with it.

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  1. and THAT is one of the many things i love about you...xoxo

  2. SO FUN! Loved it! This made me smile.

  3. ha. that was a lot of fun and you do justice to the give a mouse a cookie...i love natures art...

  4. That's such a cute unrolling of predicted events! ;)

  5. If you give Dawn access to make a comment,
    she'll shamelessly ask Melissa over for some decorating advice. When Melissa takes her up on it, she'll at once feel sorry for Dawn's lack of design skills, take pity and redecorate for her.

    Beautiful fireplace and mantle -- from rotten bark, no less..lovely.

    Loved this, Melissa!

  6. Most enjoyable read, and so creative. I clean my house this way, but that's another story.

  7. If you give a moose a muffin comes to mind...I love you Melissa! You make me smile.

  8. Oh Melissa, you are too funny. They say a woman's perogative is to change her mind. Nice job. Susan

  9. I love decorating with natural elements - bringing the outside in. It's a great simple pleasure!

  10. Beautiful! I so enjoyed the prose... :)


  11. What fun!
    I love the bark branch on the mantle - I'd do that too :-)

  12. I loved how you wrote if you give a mouse a fun.

  13. How much fun and what a wonderful creative way to share it in words....enjoy your new mantle look

  14. I've always loved this children's book, so your post was perfect.

  15. Not only do I like the finished project, I really love the way you wrote it. Those "If you" books were favorites around here.

  16. Love your pictures and post wow you have lots of simple pleasures rolled into one !! thanks for sharing

  17. Hmmm ... this is usually how most of my days go and nothing ever gets done because I go from one room to the next and one project to another. Looks like you got all your decorating and redecorating worked out beautifull. Best wishes, Tammy

  18. I agree with Kay. Many simple pleasures here. Love what you did.

  19. Wonderful post! and I can relate.

  20. lol i loved this melissa! you are so creative! and that mantle is stunning...

  21. That book has been one of my favourites for over twenty years now, although I think I first read it in French. I loved the prose and the pictures! Beautiful!

  22. That book has been one of my favourites for over twenty years now, although I think I first read it in French. I loved the prose and the pictures! Beautiful!

  23. Hi Melissa, I don't know the books the ladies are referring to BUT I certainly relate to your method of decorating. I love themes that evolve with a life of their own...
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  24. This is so enjoyable, and you are very creative in both decorating AND telling a story! Thanks for the smile. :)

  25. I remember that old window! And, I love If You Give a Pig a Pancake!