Monday, April 25, 2011

Gimme A Break...

This past week, the kids and I headed down to the beach for our Spring Break. It was so nice to be away for a few days, without the stress of the busy world caving in on us. Where we stay down there, there is no wi-fi, so basically, we're back in the dark ages... which was truly wonderful.

Many times, taking a trip with just one parent and the kids, does not in any way feel like a vacation. We had a few friends join us, but you know what I being the only one in charge of your kids. No hubby or grandma to help...usually doesn't sound all that relaxing. However, this week was different.

As I walked with my two kids down to the beach, I realized that for the first time, there was no complaining about having to carry things. No whining about how long it was taking to get there. They just carried their things and walked beside me. It seemed different, but I wasn't about to complain.

Then, we got down to the beach, and again, I was astounded. We plopped our beach blanket down, set up camp (which my daughter helped me do without prompting!) and then, they were off. They played for probably an hour, without even taking thought of me. They jumped waves, and laughed together, ran around, and drew in the sand. I sat, reading for what felt like an eternity...uninterrupted. It was glorious! Usually this would have lasted 10 minutes...not an hour!

As we walked back up to the condo, I marveled at this change taking place. I've always heard how it gets easier. How they start to do things more on their own, and stop whining as much. But this may have been the first time that I really saw it taking place.

We had so much fun with our friends. My two were the oldest of the group, so they had fun "helping" with the others. Here's a picture of storytime, led by my little teacher in the making.

Cuties in Orange
This always warms your heart...yikes!

We ended the week with a visit from the tooth fairy.

It wasn't her first tooth to lose,
but it is the first time she's been a snaggletooth.
Man, it really does happens fast!


  1. Try going hiking and seeing the sign, "Beware of Mountain Lions." :oP

  2. Love the beach. Your trip sounds wonderful. Yes, they grow up way too fast.

  3. Wow, Nikole! You're more woman than I! :)

    Thanks, Renee...your sweet words are always a blessing.