Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Orleans Wedding!

When I tell you that I don't take pictures at events, I really mean it. I'm awful as awful can be about remembering my camera, or actually taking it out and grabbing shots. So, even for my dear sister's wedding down in New Orleans, I didn't take (hate me) ONE single picture!!! Thus, the reason you have seen none up to this point. But, no worries, we had the amazingly talented Nicole Nichols, who absolutely had hers.

When I stumbled across Nicole's work, I knew that she was what we were looking for in a photographer for Chris and Carrie. So you can imagine how happy I was when she was available for their wedding. She did a fantastic job of capturing the evening, and posted a really fun preview over at her blog! I'm so excited to show you what fun we had at this dreamy destination wedding.


  1. What an awesome wedding and great pictures! Great job, Melissa!

  2. Thanks so much Melissa, I'm so glad you found me too! I had a great time & Carrie was so lucky to have your expertise in putting together this amazing wedding weekend. It is actually a pet peeve of mine when I see moms or family taking pictures at a wedding, after all that is what they hired me for! The family & guests should just be enjoying themselves & NOT worrying about taking pictures =)

  3. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing! Those are amazing shots full of so much emotion.