Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home Is...

When I think about what makes my house beautiful, it's not the stuff gathered from here or there. It's not all the trinkets and treasures that I've found along the way, even though I do love all of those fun things. It really is how precious the people in the house are to me.

Reluctant Entertainer is doing her "Home is" link up, and at the risk of posting twice in one day (i think it may be a first for me), I wanted to post a few things about our "artwork" around here.

I have 2 kids. And I keep 2 other precious girls during the day, along with my two. So, as much as I don't want my house to look like a preschool, it does. And, maybe it's that I'm getting older and that I don't care as much anymore, or maybe it's because I'm starting to see that they really are the best artists I could ever ask for. Either way, this is one wall of my kitchen cabinets.

Several years ago, my sweet husband asked one of my best friends if we could hire her to do a photo shoot of us. We had never gotten engagement pictures, and we had never had the money to do a real "session", but thankfully, she's one of the best photographers I've ever known...and she was tickled pink when he asked her. She followed us around where we use to go on our first dates, and where he asked me to marry him, and she didn't mind getting all mushy one bit. So, several of these great pics are hanging on our bedroom wall. Over the years, we have added to the wall with prego pictures, and then the sweet babies that came into our lives, and blessed us beyond measure with being able to call ourselves their Mommy and Daddy.


  1. Always love black and white photos! And thanks for linking up today at RE! :)

  2. We're planning a formal family photo shoot later this summer - our first as a family of four! (ok, we were a family of four in the last one, too, but the fourth was not yet visible to the world) My oldest turns tow-headed by the end of the summer and with his blue eyes...shazam. I figure if we're going for the investment, we might as well go for it AFTER he reverts back to blonde! Isn't that awful?!

  3. My wife is so unorganized.....and from Greensboro.