Monday, May 24, 2010

A Picnicking We'll Go!

This time of year I get so excited about being able to be outside in the warm weather. And my favorite kind of meals are the kind that are delicious, and easy, and you don't have to clean up. So, when you pair those loves all together, you very simply get the answer...picnics!

I think sometimes we can get trapped by the thought that it's just too much to get together, and not enough time to do it. But with a few helpful hints, I think that this "out to eat" plan is a lot more simple than we realize...not to mention affordable!

1. I like to keep a stash of reusable plastic dishes and cups in my favorite picnic "basket" for whenever the mood strikes. (It's also great to have a little travel size of hand sanitizer and napkins or wipes in there so you're totally prepped!) Usually I keep mine on top of my fridge, so that I can just grab it and fill it with whatever goodies I have on hand. (Not to mention, it makes my kitchen have another little pop of color!)

2. Grab your favorite quilt to either have a gorgeous tablecloth or just to be able to cop a squat somewhere outside. If you don't have one, hunt one down on etsy! There are some that are simply delicious.

3. I try to keep a few things on hand that are easy "on the go" healthy snacks. I very rarely make sandwiches for every person and individually wrap up everyone's food. I just grab a couple apples, some cheese, hummus, the bag of pretzels, some baby carrots, and to be really fun and fancy, I love to throw in some french soda! Once you throw those all in your tote, you have yourself a little french picnic!

4. If you're really doing it up, check out these award-winning picnic recipes. You'd be sure to impress your guests!

5. One great thing about being outside together, is that you're more likely to play together! The Ogo sport disc is a family friendly game that can be used in a variety of ways. This was a Christmas present we gave to our kids this past year, and we all love it! You can play frisbee, catch, bouncing water balloons, or just to be silly!

6. Another timeless favorite is the hula hoop. These fun hoops are handmade and collapsable...not to mention will work those love handles right off!!! (can I get an amen!)

Let me hear if you have any awesome picnic tips!


  1. I love picnics as well and am looking forward to lots of warm weather picnics this year!

  2. Love your picnic ideas and that cute basket!! Thanks for sharing those recipes. I am going to give a few of those a try.

  3. You're so fun Melissa! I can see you sipping French soda in the park with your little ones running around on the play-ground.