Monday, May 3, 2010

Your Big Backyard

I absolutely love the spring. However, these days it hasn't quite felt like spring. It has felt like more like summer. Hot, sticky, want-to-jump-in-a-pool summer.

One reason why I love to be around children so much, is how easily they celebrate life. You don't always have to have a can splash in a tub of cold water. Or, instead of going to a fancy water park, just water your grass, and while you're at it, run through the water.

I was going back through pictures, and I came across some from April 2008. This was one of them.

We didn't belong to a pool, and didn't even have the cash to visit one every now and then. And we definitely couldn't afford to go to any water parks. As the days are fast approaching that we're longing for pools to open and vacations to begin, it makes me remember that sometimes the best times are had right in your own backyard.

Here are some links to my favorite summertime spots that don't cost a fortune:
*(if you're not local, google "free" and your city's name)

Music for A Sunday Evening in the Park - free concert every week!
NC Festivals & Events calendar (find one close to you!)
Free Family Film Festival - how can you go wrong with free movies!?!
Public Library (there are always a TON of free events going on throughout the summer)

And remember, when all else fails, just get out the hose!


  1. The hose is our favorite summertime toy, too!

  2. I just love you and your free events :)

  3. I'll have to check out those events...there may be 1 or 2 that aren't too far away from me.

  4. Don't you just love those old shots that remind you of sweet memories and times that were simple...
    Thanks so much for the "free" info.
    And I appreciate you stopping by. You are welcome any time!

  5. yay for cold water! :)

    here in the jungle we are rather creative about ways to cool off too... sure doesn't have to be complicated!

    thanks for visiting... I enjoyed myself, I'll have to come back by sometime soon :)

    amy in peru

  6. This brings back happy memories of when my boys were little(r). We would bring a large plastic tub like yours to the beach. We used it to carry our sand toys and would fill it with water and let the littlest one sit in it and splash. It kept them happy and safe and prevented them from eating the sand.