Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Burlap Wreath...As Promised

Today, it was raining. And I made slow cooker white chili. And wore my rain boots. You ask, what do all these have to do with? It officially felt like Fall for the first time this year.

What better way to bring in the Fall, than with this fun little project.

I've had this wreath ring for probably about 2 years, finding new places (a.k.a. corners) of my house to live in. Finally, I was inspired to do something with it.

First of all, I'll tell you the truth about me. If I can do a project without pulling out my sewing machine, all the better. And I'm even worse with just a needle and thread. I'm so not kidding. I sincerely value good sewing...I just don't find that very often when I sit down to sew. So, I decided to adapt Emily's amazing wreath into my own little cottage creation. Mine is much more rustic and shabby, but also was much easier for me to achieve!!

I started with cutting my burlap into strips.

Then, I wrapped the fabric around the wreath,
hot glueing it where it attached at the beginning of the strip,
and then at the end of the strip. I tried to leave it loose enough
to give the wreath nice texture without having it look too bulky.

Then, after the wreath was fully wrapped, I chose a spot to do a rag pile flower.

Layering the fall colors and fabrics one on top of the next,
it took shape after about 5 or 6 scraps.

To top off my flower, I decided to use a broken vintage broach
that I had snagged from the free pile of a yard sale.

Then, to finish it off, I made a fabric loop at the top,
to be able to hang it from a ribbon.

My front door loves her new look. I have to say, I think she's pretty cute, myself.

Definitely a Simple Pleasure.

Also, I'm excited to link up for my first time
at The Shabby Chic Cottage for Transformational Thursdays.


  1. Very different but very Autumn! Love the way you put it together - it is something to be proud of!


  2. I think she's pretty cute, too. And how easy!

  3. Hey! I might even be able to do that.
    Wait. No. Mine would look like a tangled bunch of burlap. YOURS looks cute as can be and so fallish!