Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did Someone Say Party?

Unlike most of the blogosphere, I haven't really gotten in the mood for Fall yet. I've been hanging on tightly to the last few days of summer. Making my favorite summer recipes just one more time, and wearing my summer skirts for possibly the last time until next year (except then I realize that it's still in the 90s and I have no need to fear).

Usually, I can tell that I'm ready to celebrate the next season when it starts to show up in my decor, or when I start planning activities revolving around it.

This past week, I've been designing a very fun birthday party that has definitely sparked my excitement for Fall. I don't want to tell you too much, because I'll have pictures after next week. I'll give you a tiny sneak peek if you promise to come back in two weeks to see the finished product. Leave your guesses in the comment section, and I might even give a little prize to the winner!!

Then, yesterday, I was browsing around Tablescape Thursdays, and found this fun party. And, you know me...I thought, what better way for me to get in the mood for Fall, than with a party! So, my kids and I went outside to collect some newly fallen treasures and get Flora looking her best.

I started in the kitchen, because it's always a good place to start.

Then, onto the living room.
I cut the last of my hydrangeas, still beautiful even in death.
Dried hydrangeas always end up in my Fall decor.
They remind of me of what has been, and what will come again.

And, as you can see here, I'm still not quite over summer...

But I'm much closer than I was.

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  1. Lucky you getting to enjoy the last days of summer! We've had awful wet weather so its been easy to get into the feel of fall. You've created some nice displays to ease your transition! Especially love the hydrangea under glass!


  2. Nice fall touches, I love your big red candlestick!

  3. We are still having 90 degree days so I can appreciate seeing your green plants even as the fall season begins.. you have done some lovely displays. thanks for sharing them with us.


  4. Oh your displays are just wonderful. I love them. Your apothecary jars and your cloche are just gorgeous. I love all of your decorations. Thanks so much for linking to the party. So much fun to see how creative everyone is. Hugs, Marty

  5. What wonderful fall displays! Love love love!


  6. The decor for the party reminds me of big flowers from Hawaii (not that I've been). It looks like it will be a beautiful party! I love the idea of fruit in the vase. I've been trying to come up with some ideas for empty glass pitchers. Leaves and fruit might do the trick!

  7. Oh yes! I love the bits of green! Let's have them as long as we can! Very pleasing displays!

  8. I think your getting there. The grape vine wreath reminds me of fall. Love all the things under glass... very pretty.

    Can't wait to see your Fall B'day party.

  9. Oh my goodness..if you come up missing that beautiful red'll find it at my place. :)) Your displays are lovely..truly make me excited to see Fall coming! Have a great weekend..Hugs, Terri

  10. Hmm... looks like big pretty colorful flowers for your party. Can't wait to see pictures of the party! :) I love all your fall touches! Thanks so much for joining us to show us what you have been working on this week! :)

  11. I miss the heat. You definitely don't live by me, I had to turn the heat on yesterday because I was freezing. It was 67 degrees in the house. Ha! Enjoy it for me. :)
    Your decor looks lovely! Happy Friday!

  12. Everything looks so fresh and beautiful. I love the lightness of it all. Char

  13. Can't wait to see the party details.