Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Treasure

she looks at these

as gazing upon treasure,

quite certain that she will always love them.

she might name each one,

or give them all different personalities,

or she might just enjoy looking at them in a cup.

but, whether they're

broken or whole,

shiny or dull,

colorful or colorless,

it matters not.

she loves them.

she puts them in a safe spot.

and asks to make sure we have them.

treasure indeed was found this day.

i only wish that i could see more clearly

how the Father

does the same to me.

Also linking up with Simple Pleasures.


  1. Love this. My daughter had a special box for such treasures and I kept them until she was an adult living on her own;then I gave it to her.
    Great capture of her rapt expression and the dress lifting in the breeze.
    Innocence and wonder that reminds us to stop and treasure what so many of us pass by and take for granted.

  2. I think your little girl is also a simple pleasure! So sweet and innocent. Susan

  3. beautiful, picture and writing--thank you!

  4. ah this is beautiful...and i can so realte as i have 2 boys that love to collect treasures...and they treasure them in boxes under their beds...and i imagine we too are treasures...nice write.

  5. The words and image are lovely! The truth, so poignant.

  6. What a beautiful child, and a delightful simple pleasure ... seashells. They are the one thing I collect and can't seem to get enough of.

    Thanks so much for coming to the party today. A pleasure having you.

  7. this is beautiful and that last line says it all.

  8. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm visiting from the Simple Pleasures party.

    This is a lovely post. I am a Florida gal (translation: beach addict) who is currently living in a land-locked state in the northwest...I love and greatly miss all things connected with the ocean, not the least of which are shells. I could walk the beach and collect shells for hours (often did!!)

    Your daughter's dress is gorgeous.

    Have a lovely day,
    Patti (Fill My Cup with Beauty)

  9. Melissa what a beautiful post and photo to go with it. Your daughter is precious.

    Hope your having a blessed day!

  10. oh, i love this. you state it so clearly yet so beautifully. i want to see as through the eyes of your daughter... i will carry your prose with me today, friend. love to you. xo

  11. How you managed to catch that shot with the sweet look and even the dress sort of dancing behind her God (literally) only knows. I really loved the simple pleasure of watching her enjoy her treasure. And the comparison to God's view of us was excellent.

    Simply wonderful post! I love this party...

  12. I remember feeling the same way about my beach collections. This is a wonderful reminder of what it's like to be looking at the shells from the perspective of a child...and also, a wonderful pleasure of noting the excitement of the child through the eyes of an adult. So sweet. (And I love that headband!)

  13. Your daughter is so sweetly lovely in this photo. And I well remember my daughter's own "collection" days. But what grace you have found and given through this analogy, of God loving us,

    "broken or whole,
    shiny or dull,
    colorful or colorless,
    it matters not."

    Thank you.

  14. Very well written. Beautiful words and an amazing realization of the Father's love for us, His treasures. I love this. and your daughter's gaze at her treasures is one to be remembered. Does He look at me like that?

  15. The moment was captured perfectly.

  16. I love this. My son always brings me he's treasures to keep safe too.

  17. A moment captured...beautifully. So sweet and pure and innocent. Lovely post for Simple Pleasures.


  18. Children teach us so much, don't they? Beautiful post! I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to find treasures of her own.

  19. Your poem itself is a treasure.. and that image is breath- taking.. Lovely..!!

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