Friday, August 19, 2011

Closer Than a Fortnight

The summer weeks continue to fly by, as I'm sure yours do as well. I was thinking about how everything seems to get smooched into less time. And as I was pondering all that this coming week will hold, I remembered the post (below) that I wrote two years ago. Now, my daughter is going into the second grade, and my son will be in PreK. This past week, my little sister headed off to college for her second year, and another dear friend that is like family, headed to his first year of college. I didn't mean to get all emotional when I was saying goodbye, it's just hard to believe at how fast life happens. All these days are literally gone with the wind, and it's a wonder we ever hold onto any of the moments.

Thankfully, we do, and I am so grateful.


When you only have 2 weeks until something, there begins to be a push. I start feeling like it's really getting close, and I know I still have a little time...but not much.

Yesterday marked the "only two weeks left" point until River heads off to school...not just preschool...or PreK....the real thing...Kindergarten. We've started our planning...what she's going to wear, and what she wants her hair to look like. But we haven't gone school supply shopping, yet. I was tempted today at Target to go down that aisle, but Daddy wants to come with us, so we're waiting. I steered her the other direction before she could see all the exciting pencils, notebooks, and folders. I did let her buy paper lunch bags. Even though she has a lunch bag that she'll be using. I tried to talk her out of it, but there was something about getting them that just seemed right.

I started getting nervous two weeks before my due date with my babies, even though they were both almost 2 weeks late. I started getting really excited two weeks before my wedding with all the last minute details that were happening. I start getting really itchy two weeks before I throw a party or have an event I'm coordinating. I ALWAYS get really excited two weeks before Christmas.

There's just something about 14 days that seems so close, but feels too far away to grab hold of, and makes you want to enjoy every single day to the fullest. That's what I'm trying to do at least. When the tears start to fall, I'll let you know.


Hoping your last few days before another year begin are sweet ones.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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