Monday, August 8, 2011

Seven Year Summer

"You're never too old to become younger."
~ Mae West

I've never said yes to the shoes before, but this time was different.

As we walked through the store hand in hand, I was reminded of how much I used to love back to school shopping. My mom would let me pick out clothes that I liked, and would be supportive of all the tacky trends that were the current rage.

So, as she stomped her feet and made the lights come alive on the Twinkle Toes, I couldn't help but smile.

Usually, I secretly roll my eyes and try to convince her of another pair. Or hope that they just happen to not have her size. But not this year.

As I looked at her growing feet and long legs, I thought about how fast she's getting older. How this has been the summer she's learned to ride her bike without training wheels, and grown at least 2 inches. It feels more like a foot. Next year, though, it might all be different. She might think the same shoes are silly and babyish. She might be embarrassed to hold my hand at all. Or be disgusted at the thought of me helping her try on things in the dressing room. But, this year, I've still got time.

And so home we came, to show off the sparkly treasures. It's just a little way to celebrate today, but something I hope to remember for a while.

What's your favorite back to school memory? Do you remember any tacky trends?


  1. Sweet reflection! Tacky trends, uh yeah! Neon clothes, plastic huge charm necklaces.

  2. Purple, polyester, bell bottom pants paired with hot pink Barbie clogs in 2nd grade!