Monday, June 18, 2012

Myth 1. "I Can't Host a Party Because My House is Too Small and I Don't Have Enough Seats."

Over the years of planning parties, I've managed to learn a few things.

1.  People like to stand at parties.

2.  People like to be in the kitchen, crammed in with the most action going on around them.

3. People like to help.

4. People like to be outside.

Last year we had an event at our house that was a blast.  Our neighborhood is awesome and loves doing lots of year round fun things.  In December, we do a progressive dinner, and move to different houses to have all the different courses.  My house was the final stop of the evening for desserts.  (Big surprise that I chose dessert, heehee.)

We had more people squeezed into this house than we knew what to do with, but it was fabulous.  But, even with all those people...everyone was standing.  And, about 60% of them were in the kitchen.

I glanced into the den at one point, and there were like 2 people in the den.  And then, the living room...maybe 3 people.   But between all our comfy chairs and sofas offering seats for about 20, there weren't many takers.  All 50+ people were either standing around the kitchen and eating nook, or out by the fire pit in the back yard.

I love how people like to be squished into the kitchen, even when it's usually not the biggest or most comfortable room.  I think it's because we feel so at home in kitchens.  We spend so much of our days there, that we are drawn to want to be in a place that is familiar. A place where we can help.  A place that feels like home.

Another great solution for small spaces is to take the party outside. When the weather is cooperating, take your party outdoors.  It opens up your level of space tremendously, and allows your house to be a little less crowded.  Blankets and quilts are a quick and easy answer for seating, not to mention, your house stays a bit cleaner with keeping the fun outdoors!

I think that when we manage to get over the insecurity of feeling like our homes aren't "good enough" we'll realize how perfect they truly are and we'll begin to more freely invite our family and friends right on in...even to our messy kitchens.  Chances are, they might even help with the dishes.

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