Thursday, June 21, 2012

Speaking of Parties...(My Simple Mom Podcast!)

You probably have heard of Simple Mom...she's awesome and has an amazing blog.  Last year, I had such a blast meeting Tsh at a conference.  We hit it off, and had a ton of fun hanging out that weekend.

We did a podcast about party planning, life, and working from home, and laughed a lot.  It's totally fun, and I'd love for you to grab a cup of coffee or your laundry basket, and listen in as we chat it up!

I couldn't wait to share with you all, but I'll be back to the "Myths" on Monday!


  1. I just listened to the podcast tonight while getting ready for my own 4th of July party I'll be featuring on my blog--excited to hear about you and can't wait to look at your work more!

    1. Oooh, fun...Can't wait to see it!