Friday, June 1, 2012

The Process of Purging

So, my summer goal is to purge.  Seriously, y'all.  I need stuff out and gone and good riddance, too.

It's really easy to say you need to purge.  It's another thing to actually let go of the things that fill your home. Even when it's just "junk".

Last week when I started clearing some things out of the house, I started making sure the kids were okay with me passing on some of their older toys and games.  My throat literally caught in my chest when they said they were done with Candyland.

"What?!  Are you serious?" I replied with ease and calm of course.

Today, I took a few bags over to Salvation Army.  I asked as I went to the donation door if they accepted games and toys, and (almost) wanted them to say no, so that we could hang onto them a little longer.  Just in case they'd still like to play sometimes.

It does feel great to clear away and de-clutter, but going through things also reminds me that we are coming into a new phase.  We're finished with PreSchool, and I've become one of those moms who can't go to MOPS anymore.  I'm in the realm of the "school aged" family, and it's pretty wild.  Though, it's wonderful, there's a tinge of wondering where in the world the time has gone, and how it really does fly by.


  1. Oh, Melissa, I need stuff out, too. It's so hard, but we're at the place where the stuff is going to take over the whole house if I don't get a grip this summer. My youngest likes to hang onto things more than his mom which will make it quite interesting. Here's to purging and feeling refreshed in the process!