Monday, June 4, 2012


I finally did it.  I renewed my RealSimple subscription.  And, what's more?!  All the old magazines that had taken up a whole shelf in my closet are now gone.  I love this purging thing.

Part of what I love about the summer is actually taking the time to enjoy that it's summertime.  I love not having to rush to be somewhere every day.  I love knowing that we can go to the park at 8pm if we want and not pay the consequences the next day for missing "bedtime".  But, something that I struggle to do even in the summer, is to simply sit and enjoy being still.  There's some lie that whispers that sitting still is being lazy or unproductive, but I'm not buying it this time.

It usually takes me going on vacation to actually sit and read a magazine. Which is ridiculous.  I mean, I'm not talking hours here, but just a few minutes to sit down and read a good editorial, or the latest styles that have hit the scene.  So, I had one of those great offers at %70 off the regular price, and I was suckered in to saying yes.  Except, I don't feel like a sucker at all. I can't wait to get my first one in my mailbox, and flip those real (not just virtual) pages in my hands.  I love a new magazine.

When I said yes to getting the magazine, I knew I was saying yes to renewing my soul, not just to renewing a subscription.  It sounds funny to say, but it's those little things that help me stop, take a breath and simply enjoy life right where I am, rather than just missing all that's whizzing by me.

What is going to help you enjoy your summer?  What will it take to get you to rest for just a few minutes every day? Maybe it's reading a book. Maybe it's baking a pie. Maybe it's bird watching.

Whatever it is, make sure you do it. It will be worth more than gold for your soul.

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  1. I'm wanting to get a subscription to Real Simple again too!