Monday, September 26, 2011

First and Ten

I love the first few planning days I have with couples. I've always loved solving puzzles. And, though the last two sentences might seem completely unrelated, they actually have a lot to do with each other. When it comes to putting all the pieces together, it truly is like putting together an amazing puzzle that you work on for weeks and months, until you finally see the finished product.

So, this cute couple had their first planning day with the sweet mother of the bride, and myself. It was so great. Even though it seemed we chose the rainiest day of the year (thus the ponchos) we still had a fabulous day.

Our goal?
Select their reception venue
and choose a date.

Impossible task? Heck no!

There were several things that we were looking for in a reception venue. Namely size and location, and availability... but also how it felt. Similar to how you want to feel in your home, the venue must feel the way you want your wedding to feel, or it will be difficult to enjoy.

We definitely had to use our imagination to figure out what places would look like in the Spring, without a monsoon going on. When you're choosing locations for your wedding, you always have to try to see yourself there, on your wedding day. There's always a bit of imagination involved, because there is so much that goes into changing the space for the day of. However, I've found that if a bride and groom can't really picture themselves enjoying their time at their wedding (throwing the bouquet, dancing their first dance, being sent off, etc. etc.) they're usually not going to fall in love with it. You want to find a place where they can envision all of that going on, and love the place it in which it would happen.

We ended our planning day talking details at a great local coffee shop, sipping on deliciousness. The perfect ending to a fabulous day. I know I've talked about it before, but I love finding out who my couples are, and then being able to implement what they want into their wedding day. Every couple is so unique, and though it may seem all flowers and food to some, to me...

it's art...and it's life.

And, no way in the world I'm going to spill the beans about what they chose. Though, I will say, by the end of the day, we had a date and we had a place.

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