Monday, September 5, 2011

In Which I Say Sweet Too Many Times...

Whenever I have weddings and events on the weekends, the other moments are that much more valuable to spend time with my sweet family. I did have a fabulous event this past weekend, but while I'm waiting for pictures of that, I'll give you a little glimpse into this past weekend with my sweetie pies.

Friday was the first soccer practice, and my son could hardly contain his excitement. He's the one in the middle...and that's my hubby coaching about a throw in.

My little girl and I had a date Saturday afternoon, and went to have tea together. We had a blast. We were fancy, but still had room to be silly...and we matched (her request), so that was fun.

And today we went and visited my grandparents. I love being with them. They're so sweet, and it's always so refreshing to just go sit and visit. We spent the day talking about years past when their kids were young, listening to my daughter sing her broadway tunes, or enjoying my son being so energetic he had to just run in place. I always love how things seem more still when I'm there. The things of this world kind of fade into the background, and what's important is simply being together. Ahhh. It's nice.

This weekend is always a bittersweet one. Labor day marks the weekend that I said goodbye to my sweet Mama. It always sneaks up on me, and then hits me when I realize all of a sudden that it's here. It's not overtaking or unbearable, just a longing to see her sweet face once again. Until then, I'll continue to enjoy my love for all things sweet, just as she taught me. Like tea time, and family times together, like cheering for her sweeties, like good dessert, and great food. Like celebrating with friends, and crying at a good movie. Like bluegrass and car trips, like being at the beach, and always seeing the sunlight behind the clouds. We will continue to be her sweetie pies, honey bears, her sugar bears, or whatever sweet item you'd like to be at the moment. If you knew her, I'm sure you were one of her sweeties, too. Thanks for teaching me to celebrate, sweet mama.