Saturday, September 17, 2011

the gifting

i talk a lot about gifts. but today, i saw gifting all over the place. in words, and in design. in books and in laughs. but mainly, simply in others around me. i saw beautiful women that were all so different, but all so wonderfully them, and it was such a gift.

i love that she gets giddy every time she signs another book.

i am blessed by her spirit of joy that is infectious to all she's with.

she is a quiet soul who is simply lovely to sit with.

and i laughed out loud several times with this cutie pie.

i squealed in joy when i met her in person.

i told her a story that we'll laugh about for years.

and she couldn't be more full of encouragement.

i've blogged for years now, but i've never been to any blog conferences, and it's shameful how often i actually go and read other people's blogs. but sometimes, i read their blogs. and when i do, i come away feeling so thankful for the time i spent reading.

nester's house was gorgeous, but that's no surprise. i had a few things here and there to add to the glory, which was fun. but more than anything, i was so thankful to be with these precious souls. these gifted women, who love others through a blog, and love them in real life. they love each in their own way...

...and it's truly beautiful.


  1. I so wanted to go and had planned to. Things happen and our best laid plans...
    My heart skipped a beat when I read who you met in person. So glad it was all you hoped it to be. I've never attended a conference either. Maybe one day...

  2. What a beautiful post! It would have been lovely to meet you in person! I'm sure Nester & Emily were so encouraged by you & others that came yesterday. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see everyone's reactions to the amazing decor. Makes you want to go home and create things out of books and paper, huh?

  3. :). it was a joy for me, too! so thankful for these beautiful friendships that God is building into my life!

  4. Melissa, I'm so glad I got to meet you! That story still has me giggling. I may have to call up Women of Faith and ask them why my picture is not on their poster for this year's conference. : ) I love your blog and hope I'll get to see you again in the not so far away future!

  5. You are too cute!! Thanks for thinking of me in such a precious way and mentioning my blog....I guess I better get back to writing!
    You are darlin and I'm so glad we are closer than we ever knew.
    blessing to you.. hope to have a cup of java soon

  6. oh sweet girl! you have NO idea what an encouragement your squeal was! truly ... given the season i'm walking, it was a squeal straight from God into my heart of hearts!

    i'm 10 minutes from nester ... if you're ever back this way, PLEASE give me a shout!