Monday, November 7, 2011

The Discovery

(this week, I'll be following my friend's example and writing a few letters to my little ones in celebration of who they are.)

Sweet River,

I woke you before sunrise and whispered, "Today's the day you're on TV!" As your sleepy eyes began to open, you became excited at the thought. We quickly pulled on your tights and leotard, and hurried out the door into the darkness.

It's been such a fun few weeks of preparation, and this is the final week before the show. As you have counted down the days, now you only have a few to go.

A few years ago, we weren't sure what your "thing" would be. You would have thought with all the theatrics in our home, we would have known right away. But, we didn't.

We tried soccer, but you quickly let us know that you, " didn't really like running that much". I can't say I blame you.

We've tried dance, and as much as I wanted it to be your thing it still seemed like something was missing for you.

We've always thought your voice was beautiful, but it wasn't until other people started stopping us in halls to ask if you were on a stage somewhere, or in voice lessons, that we realized your gifting was not just a normal 7 year old voice. As you started singing out more boldly with that big beautiful voice, we finally knew what it was.

You conquered fear and auditioned, we knew that even though it was difficult, it would only give you more confidence. Then, when you were called back, we couldn't believe that you had been narrowed down to a specific part! When you were cast in the role you were hoping for, it turned into a grand celebration.

I wish I could tell you that it will always be that easy. But the truth is, I know first hand that it won't be. I walked this path, and I know how painful it can be to not see your name up on that list. Or to see it on the list in the spot you wished it wasn't. There will be many tears along this path...I'm sure. But, as GiGi and Grandma Beth told me, when you really love doing something, than you have to choose to press on, through the disappointment, through the pain. It doesn't matter if other people think you're the best at it, or if they always see how special you are. Regardless of what others think, without living out of your gifts, you miss part of who God has made you to be. You choose to operate out of your gifts, not because it's always easy, but because it's who you are.

As you began rehearsals a few weeks ago, you realized more and more how perfect it was for you. You even said to me in excitement after one of the first practices, "Mom! It has singing and acting AND dancing! But, singing's my favorite!"

I'm so proud of you, River Elizabeth. You are a blessing to so many, and your beautiful smile couldn't have beamed any brighter under your pink fluffy hat this morning. I'm so excited to have discovered this part of who you are.



p.s. Here's the story from this morning...see if you can spot your little pink-ballerina-munchkin self on the right!

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  1. Can't wait to get home so I can watch the video!