Friday, November 18, 2011

Remember the Veggies...

I've been kind of quiet ever since 31 days. Partly because I feel like I said everything in the world that I could ever say about celebrating. But, partly because of birthdays and drama. Either way, all of a sudden, I realized Thanksgiving is this week, and I've barely chatted about it here!

As I looked for Thanksgiving recipes the other night, my husband standing over my shoulder asked, "Why is it always turkey?" Which is actually a great question. I love having turkey for Thanksgiving, and look forward to the traditional meal every year. However, for those of you who would rather not have the same old thing every year (or for you vegetarians like my hubby), I came across these fun ideas for more meatless dishes to have at your Thanksgiving.

I can't tell if I like the recipes or the pictures better, but either way Martha Stewart knows her stuff.

There aren't as many pretty pictures here, but there are a ton of vegan and vegetarian dishes to peruse.

And, here's a great article about how to accomodate both vegetarian and vegan guests without having to recreate your entire dinner.

Sometimes it gets intimidating to think in "vegetarian" terms when it comes to meal planning...especially if you're like me, who feels like it's a foreign word. But, the more I've lived with the meat "constraints", the less I feel like it's a complication.

In the spirit of helping you celebrate this week, please check out my tips from last year's Thanksgiving 101... there's a whole week of tips on celebrating one of my favorite holidays!

Giving thanks for you this week!

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