Monday, November 14, 2011


With costume pieces flying around and presents being wildly unwrapped, we successfully managed to have a fabulous carnival for the birthday boy, and celebrate three great performances with our little star. I say "we managed", but really, I had nothing to do with it.

As I arranged the pumpkins on the back table for the {Paint Your Own Pumpkin!} activity, I caught myself almost taking for granted how the day had turned out to be such a glorious fall day. It was warm and sunny, and not a hint of chill. Back when I decided to start planning this party, I remember thinking to myself so confidently, how November is still a really nice time of year here. Being confident that the weather wouldn't interfere with our plan to have an outdoor carnival. But, really, I was forgetting the many pasts November 12ths that were full of cold wind, rain, and even snow. I begin to think of my ideal as my expectation, rather than being suprised with appreciation.

I think sometimes we are so eager to see things our own way that we forget to thank the giver of all good gifts. We become focused on what we have, and almost expect to have things go our way. Then, when it doesn't go our way, we become bent out of shape, like how could it not go our way?!

As I continued to place things outside and prepare for our party, I realized how much of a gift the day was. As I watched little ones playing games and saw parents chatting and enjoying a minute of friendship amongst crazy preschool days, I found myself so grateful for the gift of celebration.

That as much as I had wanted a fun party for my little boy, my Father had even greater plans of celebration in store for us. And even if it had rained, sleeted, or snowed, I wonder what gifts we would have found inside our home, waiting to unwrap. I wonder if I had been so willing to give Him praise even when my plans got "messed" up?

My challenge to you over the next few weeks, as Thanksgiving approaches, is that you would find the goodness in your day. That you would see even trials as gifts, and that somehow you could celebrate the time you have been given. That we would be grateful, today.

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