Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twice as Good

I put my Mom's shirt on today. Partly because it's one of those that looks so fallish that it has to be worn at least once a year during this time of year. And, partly because there's some part of me that longs to be close to those who know me at this time of year.

I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins today, as my children played in the backyard with a sweet friend who came over for a playdate. It was such a warm fall day, that I could have the window open to hear as they laughed and played. I baked, and they played...and there seemed to be a sort of celebration in the air.

While I was pouring batter into the pan, Pandora faithfully played my Sara Groves station, as it does most days, and this song came on. (video to follow for email readers)

Every time, no matter how many times I've heard this song, this line makes me tear up...with my good news, you're dancing on the table.

Ever since Emily wrote about paying attention to what makes you cry, I have been. And, this sentence puzzles me. Why would such a seemingly simple phrase touch such a place in my heart.

I think the answer comes in watching my daughter and a best friend jumping on our trampoline in delight, or taking muffins to dear friends, laughing with my sister about life, or thanking a teacher for their gift to my child. I find joy in celebration. Life in sharing the burden together. Knowing I have friends who would stand up on a table and cheer for me...or sit there and cry with me, when I make a mess in my own life. Life is not always easy to celebrate, but with the gifts of friends around us, we are able to join each other as we walk this path, in celebration. And I am so grateful.

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