Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving...

Ok, so is it just me, or are there way too many favorite foods to try to cram into one meal on a Thursday in November?

Last week, when I asked my kids what what they were wanting to see on our Thanksgiving table, I started to feel a little overwhelmed. Their favorite Thanksgiving meal is a little different than my family's menu plan, and even though I have tried to cram it all in in the past, I think I'm past that point. For the amount of work that's involved, but also because there's just too much food when we try to cram it all into one meal. Why stuff so much in to one day?

Thus the development for another holiday meal plan at our abode. This year, we're going to have some of our favorites (mainly my kids favs) and then tomorrow, we'll take our traditional sides and desserts to our families feasts.

Here's our plan...feel free to start your own new tradition! I'd love to hear what your Thanksgiving Eve line up would be!

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