Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Christmas Tour

Welcome to the Christmas Tour!

I'm so excited to have you stop by. I love this time of year, and it's super fun to be able to share and get ideas from others lovely homes. I'll keep the words few and let the pictures speak today...

This year, I kept our Christmas decor more rustic and simple. Natural and somewhat vintage. It was fun to switch where we have our tree, and do a few new things.

Blessing of peace and joy to your home today!


  1. Melissa, I love your style as well! Keeping your Christmas cards in that old shutter is such a great idea, I LOVE it! Beautiful decorations :)

  2. I love your decor, my favorite is the Merry Christmas blocks, and the shutter with the cards!! Love it, visiting from The Nester's!

  3. So pretty, Melissa. I like simple best of all.

  4. Melissa... you home is beautiful for Christmas. I love all the natural pieces throughout. That is so pretty. Your tree is gorgeous! Thank you for the wonderful tour! :)

  5. Wow! Great taste.

    Everything looks wonderful!

    Great job!

    Merry Christmas!

  6. rustic & simply beautiful!
    thank you for sharing these pictures!

  7. I love it. So fresh and peaceful! I can imagine how amazing all your greenery smells...ahhhhhh...

  8. Your home looks so pretty and festive. I love all the vintage touches, I makes the space so cozy.