Monday, December 19, 2011

EASY DIY Christmas Garland

A few years ago, I had all these excess fabric remnants and scraps. I knew that a little love could turn them from trash to treasure, but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to make. It was around Christmas time, and I had been wanting to find a new way to display Christmas cards...thus the idea to make a Christmas garland came about. I made several, and sold out at a local Christmas bazaar, and totally forgot about them.

Until just a few weeks ago, one of my friends who had bought one, asked for me to make 10 for Christmas gifts for her. I brought Krista over to help cut, rip, and tie, and in a couple hours, we had it knocked out.

They are super easy (just a little time consuming), and don't require any sewing or glueing, which in my book means a true DIY project!! (see how lazy I am?!)

1. First, gather scraps, ribbons, yarn, whatever fabric you have lying around, and decide on your color scheme for your garland.

2. Cut your fabric into 6-8 in. strips, each being about 1-2 inches wide. If you like the rustic, whimsical look, you can tear some to leave the ragged edges exposed.

3. Choose your client wanted the rustic look, so I stuck with twine for her. You could do a wider ribbon, or any long piece of fabric you wanted.

4. Cut your base string at 8-10 feet. This is long enough to hang in a doorway, or over a mantle.

5. Space out your bows about a foot apart (I wanted to make sure that I had plenty of room between each little fabric tuft to hang either ornaments, cards, greenery, (insert whatever you'd like to hang).

6. Continue layering and tying fabric and ribbon until you have the size bow you'd like. I usually ended up having about 5-6 strips of fabric each bow.

7. Wrap up as a great gift, or hang in your house to have a fun festive garland to use over and over again!

Some ways to use these: mantle decor, wrap around your tree, place over doorway, use to hang Christmas cards from, hang ornaments over a window...the list goes on! Also, it's a great way to repurpose old fabric, clothes, ribbons, and bows!

happy trimming!


  1. I've been saving fabric scraps for a garland. thanks for your tutorial.

  2. *SO* Cute! Love it...posting to my pinterest!

  3. So sweet! Wish I was seeing it in person because then I would be hanging out with YOU!