Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 1: 31 Days to an Artful Event

When you think of the word "art" you don't exactly think of events. Usually, what comes to my mind is an artist with a paint pallet in hand, and a easel standing upright in front of them...and usually they have a beret on their head. Don't ask me why. It seems like an artist thing.

However, the more that I design events, the more I feel like an artist. And, the more I create, the more I love creating.

This month, I'll go through a different event each week, and describe how it became, not just an ordinary event, but an artful event.

So, we'll be kicking off our

with a business dinner that I designed just this past week.

My client had a dinner that she was hosting for about 25 of her associates. However, she is slammed with business right now (which is wonderful!) and she knew there was no way that she would have time to do anything special if it was just up to her. Sure, she could pick up a few cartons of take out, but she wanted the dinner to show her appreciation for her clients, not just throw some last minute food down on a table for people to help themselves. So, she asked me to come up with a plan that was in her budget, and yet be a memorable evening.

I always start with trying to find out what my client is envisioning for their event. This is always my first step in my process. I have to understand their desire before I can begin to create. Isn't that how all art works? You have to express your vision to be able to create.

Find your vision. That's the first thing in creating an artful event.

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  1. Interesting! I love what I learn on day! :)

  2. Do you know my friend Annie? You guys would get along. Her 31 Days is about celebrating.

  3. I love this idea:) Looking at events and art is one of my favorite aspects to design... Can't wait to read all of it!