Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 21: Decor & Design

One thing that Abby really wanted were balloons. She mentioned it in one of our first meetings, and I knew it was the "thing" she wanted the most...that and frozen yogurt, which we also accomplished.

We rented a helium tank, and ordered a bunch jumbo balloons, (begged WinMock to let us use them!) and for hours on the day of, blew up her big beautiful balloons. And, they really were fabulous.

That gray sky was perfect for those pictures...and thankfully the reception was inside the barn. Those dark clouds soon turned to a tornado warning, but we just kept right on dancing!

Abby and Allan had a poster board with their silhouettes holding balloon strings, where guests used stamp pads to stamp in their thumb print as the balloons. So cute and personable!

For the tables we used a collection of wine bottles and antique milk jugs to display fresh wildflowers. We had twine globes, so I stuck mason jars into the middle of the globe, and had the candles inside for a different version of a votive. We scrunched a little burlap under each centerpiece to give it some texture and interest. They turned out great!

Remember all those beautiful bridesmaids? Well, we put their bouquets to good use and repurposed them as centerpieces on our smaller hi-boy tables. They were just the right size, and allowed us to save a little, too!
My favorite florist, Farm and Filigree, did a great job designing the bouquets! They were rustic enough to go with the barn feel, but still extremely elegant.

We loved all the little touches that made this wedding feel like Abby and Allan. All day, I kept hearing people say,"It's just so Abby!" Unknowingly, they were giving the perfect compliment to me. It was such a fun design scheme, and yet maintained the sophistication we wanted for their wedding. Mission accomplished!

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  1. Beautiful. I have been combing the internet for ways to help my son and his fiance. She is more of a "trendy girl" so its keeping me on my toes.

  2. Lovely shots... the balloon are definitely a wonderful prop

  3. Wow Melissa... how beautiful! I love the big balloons! There couldn't be a better compliment than to hear it is 'so the bride'! We are planning my sister's wedding and rustic and elegant is what she is going for. Are there photos of this wedding somewhere online to see? Thanks so much for sharing 'in the studio', I love to see your fun work! :)

  4. Thanks y'all! Jenn, check out today's post for the full gallery link!

  5. What a lovely wedding, Melissa! And I love the balloons, too! That dark sky WAS a perfect backdrop for photos.