Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 6: Layering is a Good Thing

Layers. Layers are great things.

When my hair is long, whenever it gets trimmed, my amazing stylist always puts long layers in it. Just a little layering, and I go from having frizzy, poofy hair, to having a shaped style where my curls lay at lengths complimenting each other. Layering is a good thing in my hair.

When you put on an outfit, especially in the Fall and Winter, you layer. This past week, it was rainy and so even though it was going to be in the 70s, I knew the rain would make me chilly. I took the opportunity to layer.

You might begin with jeans and a shirt. But, then you might add a sweater to layer over top (or two if you're me). Then, you'll probably add a light weight jacket. Maybe even a scarf. Not to mention accessories to top off the outfit. You layer.

Designing a table is the same way.
Adding layers, adds richness and depth that will enhance the appearance.

So, with this event that we've been talking about this week, I decided to layer the tablecloths. I started with a basic white cloth. Then, I laid a vintage lace trimmed ivory cloth diagonally overtop. Then, on top of that, I scrunched a natural piece of burlap (in keeping with our theme) in the center of the table.

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