Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 15: Let the Games Begin!

Last but not least, a circus party should always include some fun games!

I think the most fun part of a carnival or circus themed party is the games that you can plan. You can create a unique atmosphere simply by having several areas set up with interactive games, varied to the age group of the guests coming.

For a preschool aged carnival, you could have some simple stations, such as "Bean Bag Toss", "Knock Down", "Pin the Tail on the Lion" or even a "Dress Like a Clown" dress up area.

At a preschool carnival party I did a while back, the guests enjoyed decorating their prize bags as they arrived. It was a simple way to get the kids engaged from the beginning!

Or for older kids or adults, you could have more interactive and challenging areas set up. You can tweak it to your age group, child's personality, or simply what you want the party to feel like.

To give the party that carnival feel you can make signs for each game,
so the kids feel like they're visiting each station and game of the carnival.

Here's a pretty extensive list of carnival games and activities that have variations and ideas for each game. Or you can come up with your own. The possibilities are endless!

We're half way through our 31 Days to an Artful Event. I hope that you'll join me this coming week as we enter into week three of our journey!

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  1. Such a fun post! I agree the games are the best part of the party, carnival or not:)