Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 9: Indulging on a Sunday

Today begins a new week in our 31 day journey! I'm so glad to have you along with us in celebrating an artful event!

I've decided that Sunday will be our day of inspiration. I love taking a few minutes on Sundays to be inspired. Sometimes it happens through visits like this. Or sometimes it happens while I'm peeking at blogs. But, today, I found this show stopper.

Ok, maybe I'm the last to know (which wouldn't surprise me), but Oh My, HEAVEN!!! I couldn't be happier to find Styled. It's an absolutely amazing online magazine. Drooling, I tell you. Their tagline is...
design. create. celebrate.

Hello. Could you be any more me?!? (sense the Chandler tone of voice) I don't think it could be. So, stop reading here, and go indulge!

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