Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 29: Showcase Your Home

Mantels and front porches are the most prominent places to decorate year round, for special occasions and for holidays. Since these are usually focal points in a home, they do deserve special attention.

Displaying family pictures in your seasonal decor makes them more personal and tells a story, rather than just being there to look pretty.

If you like to lean towards holiday decor rather than seasonal decor, try to incorporate natural seasonal items (rather than fake greenery, gourds, pine combs and nuts) to keep your decor simple.

Instead of buying decorations, make some with your kids. The decorations will mean that much more to you, knowing that they were made with love.

If you don't have a mantel or a front porch (apartment living?), focus on areas in your home that are highly visible (your television console, kitchen island, windows, dining table).

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