Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 12: Could it Get Any Better?

I told you about how I bribed my son with visions of popcorn and other carnival goodies. But I didn't tell you that really I was just tempting myself with all my favorite carnival food.

Ok, you might think, CARNIVAL FOOD?!? That's so much work!!!

But, really, carnival food is the easiest of all to plan for...(not necessarily the healthiest, but just add some fruit and veggie trays to the spread...remember the trick!)

1. Hot Dogs. Throw them in a crock pot for a couple hours on high. Set out fixings near the crock pot, so people can design their own dog. Done.

2. Popcorn...Easy! Either pop it ahead of time, or have it popping in a popcorn machine while the carnival is in progress (always adds to the carnival atmosphere!)

3. Cotton pretty and a carnival favorite!

4. Old Fashion Donut Holes! They are so yum...especially cute with fun bags.

5. Another fair favorite are those big soft pretzels. This recipe looks pretty great!

6. Snow Cones! Rent a snow cone machine or even get your own machine to enjoy for several parties to come.

7. And last, but definitely not least, splurge with some delicious candy or caramel apples to really give it that carnival feel. You could wrap them up individually and give as favors, or just have them as another treat during the party.

*side note: Candy Apples are also very popular for
fall weddings for a creative and fun twist on a favor!

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