Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27: Trigger Your Senses

When fall starts rolling around, you can really feel it. It becomes chilly out and the leaves start turning colors... those senses that you associate with fall start coming back to you.

In order to celebrate your home, it needs to be personal to you and your family. Using obvious and over-the-top holiday decorations may not necessarily be the way to go, for you. Some great ways to bring fall into your home can be achieved by triggering your senses.

Cozy knits, pillows, and throw blankets in your home are the sweaters, scarves and boots of your fall wardrobe! Why not wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket while enjoying some good family time?

You know you've been excited about the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte! Try out some recipes on your own with seasonal gourds and spices; you might end up with a drink or dish that'll become a new fall tradition.

Pumpkin Spice, Apple Cinnamon, Orange Clove.... whichever scents take you back to fall as a child or remind you of your favorite fall holiday, can really transform the way you feel in your home. Try burning candles in your fireplace or creating your own perfect potpourri mixture!

If you like to rotate your home decor (ie. switching out throw pillows, artwork, hand towels, etc.) you might want to try out a seasonal color palette. Use whichever colors come to mind when you think of fall- the colors that make you happy.

Decorating your home for the holidays (and any occasion) should be a direct reflection of who your and your family are, by incorporating your senses, you'll feel at home in your home.

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  1. You know it's amazing, I like the smell of pumpkin but I have never tasted pumpkin in my life. Well I don''t know if I have, maybe I did and didn't know it.