Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 4: Thinking Outside of the (Berry) Box

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This week we are looking at how we turned a business dinner from just an average event, to a memorable evening for everyone there!

Once we had decided on a menu, we could develop our design for the table. Knowing that we were going with traditional southern fare, I knew that I would be able to bring in the rustic elegance look that I love.

Because I have several things around the house that fit into this style, I began looking around. I gathered anything that I saw that reminded me of that style into a pile. Then, I started figuring out what items could be used and what things I would most likely do without.

I also always try to think about the time of year it is, and stem from that with the design. I loved these few things to bring in a bit of Autumn, without going too overboard.

Keep an open mind when you're looking for items to design your event. You can use anything that fits into your vision. It doesn't have to be a "bread basket" to hold bread. You can make a bread basket out of a huge wash stand bowl. (gasp!) Or why couldn't a vintage berry basket hold your utensils instead of just laying them on the table?

Or your books for that matter?
(i know it's a completely different event, but it's a perfect example!!)

I love thinking outside of the box when it comes to how to showcase the necessities. Remember, you're an artist. You were made to create, so have fun with making your event however you want it!

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