Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 31: Philosophy of Celebration

You might have noticed, but I don't have a book...or an e-book. I haven't done a book proposal, and I barely know how to use my iPhone. Truly. So, me, coming to Relevant, doesn't actually make sense. Except that being an event planner, lends itself to many different faces. So when my dear friend asked if I could be her event assistant at Relevant, I couldn't wait.

I only had one fear...that I would spend the entire weekend feeling out of place and battling the fear that I wasn't good enough. That my blog wasn't funny enough or meaningful enough. That my follower numbers were nothing compared with the greatness of others.

And there it was...waiting to steal my joy. The thief called comparison waiting in the darkness to swallow whole my excitement and enthusiasm.

But, I could ignore all those dreaded fears because my job was going to be focusing on assisting my friend with her event. I put on my event planner hat, and determined to only care about that role.

The only problem is that you can't really ignore your heart. So, even though I was ecstatic about assisting my sweet friend, the truth is I still wanted to matter to those around me.

So, as I was preparing to leave, I asked my friends to pray. Pray that I wouldn't fall prey to the lies that would keep me bound to my insecurities. Pray that I wouldn't compare myself or my blog to those around me. Or my clothes. Or my hair. Or (as stupid as it sounds) my laptop bag.

My hope was that instead of being anxious about not measuring up, that I could celebrate with my sisters. That I would be able to move towards others in freedom, free from what they might think. Free from the masks that we so easily pick up and wear out of fear of being rejected. To celebrate what a good God is doing around the world through this crazy thing called blogging.

And guess what happened. Instead of meeting famous writers, bloggers, and songwriters, I met amazingly genuine people, who love writing to encourage others. I saw real people who are gifted in incredible ways, and are sharing who they are with the world around them. I laughed until my sides hurt with people that I never knew existed. I cried at the words of the most profound thinkers. I ate lots of cupcakes and drank like 18 million cups of coffee.

More than any of that though, I met beautiful friends and was blessed beyond measure by their authenticity.

When we are able to move towards others with freedom and love, I believe we are finally able to celebrate. We are able to throw an outrageously awesome event, without fear that it might not be good enough. We are able to invite family over for dinner without being so neurotic about our house being clean that we wound our children in the process. We can plan a wedding without the thoughts that the next planner over has just done a better one. As we allow the fullness of who God is into our hearts, we are able to celebrate artful events, in every part of our lives.


  1. I know of what you speak and it kept me from another great event you helped plan. Thank you for your words here.

  2. It was wonderful to see you again and spend some time with you! You are such a talented woman!

  3. melissa! it was beautiful to watch you move into others despite your fears. so thankful to know you, sweet friend!

  4. i mirror "southern gal's" thoughts ... i know of what you speak, and believe me ... it's kept me from many an event. i almost backed out of emily's signing because i just didn't feel "worthy enough."

    crazy what the enemy will speak to us. crazier that we listen. but comforting to know we all feel it ... the insecurities.

    you are precious ... we are all precious to the One that matters most. praying we all settle and rest comfortably there in His glory.

  5. I am glad you had a good time!

  6. So glad I met you at Relevant11.
    I get the laptop bag statement, for a fleeting moment that DID cross my mind too... because I don't have one of "those" bags and I found myself reminding myself that I didn't NEED one and I am so glad I listened to myself. :-)
    Looking forward to reading more of your sweetness.

  7. Melissa! It was fantastic to meet you. I'm SO glad you came... I feel like I made a new friend in you!

  8. I was thrilled to meet you and am so glad we had time to eat together and get to know each other a bit!!

  9. I was so so blessed to meet you and get to know you better at Relevant.

    So glad you came...appreciated our conversations and your sweet spirit!

  10. love you all. so thankful for this community. truly!

  11. "When we are able to move towards others with freedom and love, I believe we are finally able to celebrate. ..... As we allow the fullness of who God is into our hearts, we are able to celebrate artful events, in every part of our lives." Those words of yours spoke to me. Well said. Just wish it wasn't so hard. That thief call comparison is so sneaky...we must continually be on guard.
    I just discovered you via Melissa at The Inspired Room. I'm looking forward to following you.